Spanish Verb Worksheet

2018-09-04 ☼ spanish

Verbs in Spanish are particularly tricky because there are so many conjugations, and many verbs are irregular.

I wanted a way to practice all the tenses at the same time, so I made this handy worksheet:

(Click for PDF. Please don’t redistribute or sell. Contact me.)

I had a local copy-shop make a bunch of gum-bound pads with 100 copies of this per pad (each pad was like $8).

  1. Write the infinitive at top and the translation.
  2. Fill out conjugations for yo, , él/élla/usted, nostotros, vosotros (or vos if you’re only learning Latin-American Spanish), and ellos/ellas/ustedes.
  3. Do this for all tenses including present, preterite, imperfect, imperative, future, and conditional. The conditional column is narrow because the conjugation is so simple and close to the future conjugation. I usually just write the endings ía”, ías”, etc.
  4. Repeat for present subjunctive, imperfect subjunctive, negative imperative, and (optionally) future subjunctive. The future subjunctive is a thing but it’s not used.
  5. Fill out gerund (ando) and past-participle (ado) at the bottom.

Here is what it looks like when filled out for conducir. I get lazy with future/conditional because they’re so easy. I usually just indicate that it’s regular for these tenses and just write the endings rather than having to write the infinitive over and over again.

In total there are 60 conjugations for each verb (54 if you omit future subjunctive, but 66 if you’re learning both imperfect subjunctives e.g. iera and iese).

I’ve not found a good website or book that gives the full verb chart in this or a similar form for checking your work. The best I’ve found is the conjugation” tab for verbs on It doesn’t include vos, but that conjugation is rather simple.

A few ways I mix this up:

Challenging Verbs and Verb-Pairs


Que estudien bien!